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To understand our mission is to know our genesis!

The story of ProtectECRAN through the interview of a visionary founder

How was this Norman company ? But who is the founder Olivier MAILLET? What ambitions does he have for his business? What does he expect from his team? The answers are in the interviewOlivier Maillet, CEO of ProtectECRAN.

Interview with Olivier MAILLET
CEO of ProtectECRAN

portrait olivier mallet founder

What is your initial training?

Trained as an emergency nurse, I studied in the resuscitation ambulances of the FIREMEN OF PARIS then in French Guiana at KOUROU.

Before ProtectECRAN, you were an emergency nurse?

No, I had already chosen entrepreneurship by creating a company in car accessories, GLASTINT.

How did you come up with the idea of an antimicrobial protective film?

JI have always been driven by a human mission and a certain form of challenge.

I have always felt the need tohelp people in difficulty. This is why I got involved in the hospital environment and that of firefighters. Then I realized that I was losing sight of my passion for’Aautomobile and motorcycle. So I decided toundertake in this field which is close to my heart.

But one day, your values catch up with you. How can I help the population and protect it by using both my knowledge of this hospital environment and at the same time my experience of 18 years as a film setter?

In conclusion, it was by putting a film on a damaged Range Rover screen that the idea came to me!

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borne tactile

What personal mission do you set yourself with this protective film of bacteria?

I am firmly convinced that our solutions have the ability to halve the number of nosocomial illnesses in hospitals, by systematically protecting all screens and touch surfaces where microbes, bacteria and viruses can multiply.

The same is true for all of us who use touch screens in our work or for our leisure. Anticipating and preserving everyone's health is my personal concern.

Without going into technical details, what does this film actually prevent? How does it work?

Due to its uniqueness, it prevents hand-borne contamination. The 100 to over 4000 bacteria per cm2 on your hands cannot grow and multiply on our patented film. So the person who touches a screen after you, if you are a carrier of germs, does not fear anything.

What ambition do you have for your business?

ProtectECRAN started from a blank sheet of paper. Our ambition is that our brand will eventually become a common name, in the same way as Bic, Frigidaire, Sopalin, etc.

Our citizen action is included through the association "SAUV'life" of the SAMU of Paris where we have committed ourselves humanly during the confinements.
To make this desire a reality, ProtectECRAN has committed, since October 2021, to pay €1 to the association, for each film sold. This financial assistance will, we hope, save even more lives.

What are, for you, the values that you share in your company?

Empathy, self-confidence, autonomy, creativity and communication.

Enhance the Normandy territory through:
– from our “French Tech” label
– promote the short circuit (relations with local & regional companies)
– improve our carbon footprint (recyclable products, R&D on new “safe” products)

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Encounters that changed your life?

Teddy Riner, one of our first supporter.
The Village by CA in Rouen, which has boosted our development.
SAUV'Life, association of SAMU de PARIS which saves lives thanks to citizenship through innovation.

Can you tell us more about your team?

It is an essentially female team. Coming from a hospital training where 92% of the teams are made up of women, I have kept this principle of equity and distribution in my company. More methodical and with a more virtuous vision, decisions are taken jointly and faster as well.

our adage “The word is worth the man or the man is worth nothing”.

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Chinese portrait of a 100% Norman start-up!

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